Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Time is Near

This has been powerful day. I have felt the presence of the creator flowing through my body. I feel a sense of urgency for those of us without a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are talking about eternity here people. Eternity with God or without God, you pick. I choose eternity with Jesus. Hell is an actual place. Prophecies are being fulfilled and I guess Christianity is not on the best new spiritual trip, but it’s our eternal destination at stake. Need Blessings? Work? Healing? Prayer? God’s supernatural help? Is there something missing in your life? Need someone to connect with? Doesn’t life feel out of balance?

You know that God wants a relationship with you. He wants to lead your life. A foundation that is built on a rock will never sway. Forgive me for getting my preach on, but I think the gospel of Jesus Christ needs further attention. Have you ever said “Yes” to Jesus? Do you really know the blessings that come along with Jesus? 

What is my Goal? Why am I saying all this? I am receiving countless blessings since turning my life to Jesus and I want to share the source of these blessings with you. Jesus spared my life when I drove my truck over a 200 foot cliff when the enemy convinced me to take my own life. 

Since the accident, I have gone on various adventures trying to build a life for myself.  Active in adventure sports prior to the accident, I didn’t want a wheelchair get in the way. Skiing, surfing, whitewater rafting and kayaking were all possible through the help and design of Jesus.

I read in Genesis today where God gave the responsibility of caring of the earth to Adam. He was given divine responsibility at the moment of creation but I think people misunderstand the word dominion as a supreme rule.  I think it as divine stewardship. So if you thrash the earth and it stops producing healthy air, water, fire and earth. What will you say to God once you’re in front of him? How did you take care of the earth, air, fire, water? A lot of things seem to keep converging. War, protests, earthquakes, tsunamis and other telltale signs. Seem to be warning us that the time is at hand for Jesus to return.  So be ready.

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