Thursday, April 7, 2011

Once,Ttwice, Three Times Your Out

Well another fruitful trip to Mountain High. God blessed us with some overcast weather which kept the snow from being too slushy. We were joined by our instructor Tim and his brother Steve as an assistant. We got started after we received a lift up the mountain to the Adaptive Learning Center in a buggy. We did a quick assessment near their carpet lift to ensure I still had the skills to drive the Bi-ski. It took me a moment to adjust but the skills raced back as we went down the “Bunny” slope. 
Tim made a command decision to head to the lifts and he informed us how we were to proceed with him using a snowboard to guide the training. Mountain High is at the cutting edge of adaptive instruction. Normally instructors would use skis and snowboarding while teaching the bi-ski was frowned upon before the technology was available. 

I felt groggy from the early morning and went through the pre-game jitters even though I’ve done this five times this year and always had a great time. Tim was a positive influence on the lesson and his great attitude was evident. Steve was more the quiet, behind the scenes type and always there when you needed him.

We headed up to the “Snowflake” run and started pretty well as I slowly would turn right and left avoiding traffic when I could. We then encountered a portion of the run that flattened out and slowed down. Then all of a sudden BAM, I flipped over on my left. ”What the hell” is what I thought and Tim quickly apologized. He evidently stuck a rail and flopped out himself. One of the drawbacks of that type of instruction in slushy conditions.  We recovered and worked our way back to the beginning of the lift. It’s all good.

We encountered our lift with Steve and Tim alongside. We embraced  my wife, Rosanna, as we departed the lift and stopped to size up the run. I decided to get more speed as we headed down the hill. It’s easier to turn when you have some speed. BAM!! It happened again. I flipped over to the left again. Tim flipped over as well, sticking a rail, apologizing for it happening again. 

I had every reason to be angry but from where I come from if it doesn’t have carnage, it’s not worth doing. Falling is a part of the fun!!! Thank you  Brian, Tim and Steve for an awesome time in the mountains.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude is everything especially an attitude of gratitude. These are basic principles that once in fused into consciousness, Will lead toward an enriched and fulfilled life. This brings us into countless blessings and the mental affirmation and feeling of being blessed. When struggling with our emotions, I grew up without a father’s blessing and that brought a deep depression. I had a very selfish, ungrateful attitude. I didn’t learn that everything was a gift and show appropriate appreciation till my accident. 

My gratitude list starts with my life. I give thanks to God for sparing my life. I am determined to live to glory of God! Jesus walked into my life with hands open wide. He guides me each day and meets my needs. When come to each day as a gift my attitude is started each day toward Jesus and what his will is for me. When I was diagnosed with MS, I fell into deep depression to the point of trying to take my own life. What's my point? What do i do. I carry an:

Attitude of Gratitude

I am thankful for every breath and moment i get to spend with God
Jesus said that we are to have life and have it abundantly. You, me, disabled or not. Jesus has a plan and a purpose for each one of us. God works with our weaknesses to show us all how awesome he is. With God everything is working for the better. What an amazing, inspiring message God has for us.