Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anniversary of my Accident

As we close in on my anniversary of our accident, I feel happy and lucky to be alive. I looked back with fond memories for the adventures that we undertook. I look back six years ago and remember my state of helplessness and despair. Ready to take my own life, Jesus had another idea. After plummeting 200 feet in my vehicle with the purpose of ending my life, I survived miraculously, when I surrendered to Jesus 20 min. before. It was evident to me that God had a purpose for my life. After the surgery on my spinal cord, I was put in to rehabilitation. I was put in the world of the wheelchair, as I went to groups sponsored by the hospital. I learned that being a wheelchair is not a death sentence. I met Anthony, who holds a full-time job and volunteers with an organization called WYNGS “When you need group support“ he showed me that living a normal life was possible after being put in a wheelchair. Once I learned that, my state of mind and hopelessness was gone. Having MS, my biggest fear was to be a wheelchair but I learned anything is possible. I would eventually restore my ability to walk by New Year's I was walking with the use of the cane, I was ecstatic!
After learning to walk again, disease multiple sclerosis flared up and put me back in a the wheelchair where I sit today wife and I went through hell, hospital to hospital with bladder and kidney infections which would flare-up the MS. It was like I had frequent flyer miles in the hospitals. I had a defining moment at one particular doctor’s appointment where I asked my Dr.”what my prognosis?” having over 30 years’ experience treating patients with MS he politely said that “I didn't know , it's MS” knowing what little I did about MS, an incurable progressive disease. I took it as an E ticket to ride, I decided to live as much life as I could while I still had the ability. I tried adaptive snow skiing, adaptive surfing and white water rafting. My first ski trip, I had a revelation that if you're in a wheelchair you should be able to try snow skiing and no charge. My wife it set a goal to do the 3 S’s; skiing, surfing and skydiving. The Threus Foundation was founded. I continue to learn from other disabled people that the sky's the limit when it comes to life.

Currently, we have helped over a dozen people try adaptive snow skiing in hopes it inspires them as much as I was. In reflection, I ask myself what you have done in the past six years. Who have we helped, inspired and encouraged? I hope to send a message that inspires and encourages others, giving God the glory as he deserves it. None of this would be possible without having God’s hand in it. Today, I live under his grace, love and protection and hope others will find the same through Jesus Christ.

 With much admiration and respect,
Joseph DeVere

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