Monday, May 16, 2011

Sulpher Mountain Trail Wheelchair Friendly

The day started off with a ride with my precious sister, Marie. We arrived at the location about a half hour late but, my sister said a prayer before she left to pick me up. She prayed asking that “We arrive with perfect timing”. We expected that we would have to catch up with the group, being late.

We arrived when the group encountered a problem with opening the entrance gate. We were greeted by my uncle, Lanny Kaufer, the leader of the walk. After warm greetings from Lanny and his wife Rondia we formed a consensus about carrying me over the gate that blocked my entrance in a wheelchair. The very moment I agreed to let them take me over, a car arrived, leaving the trail and opening the gate for us. Perfect timing.

Having Multiple Sclerosis, The weather was perfect. A gentle drizzle and fog that obscured to view. We began our trek with everyone introducing ourselves, taking a couple rolls; Lanny began his talk pointing out plants to avoid like poison oak.
The terrain was a firm ground covered with gravel. I found in difficult to maneuver yet doable with a little extra effort and a person like my sister to help on hills. Our group was more than willing to take a turn pushing me when I needed help.

I  was extraordinarily impressed with Lanny’s knowledge of our local plants and their uses for food and medicine. He possesses the courage to make his other “Herb Walks” accessible for the disabled  with coordination with the Threus Foundation, and taking the time for consideration of other disabled participants regarding future events. This walk is considered Threus Approved.

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